Viva Mi Raza Medallion Art – Featuring Female Mexican Gunslinger on Front with Display Stand


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  • A BIG COIN – It is 1.50″ Diameter and 2mm Thickness and Weighs .8 ounces (23 Grams)
  • This Replica 1893 Morgan Dollar is struck with a San Francisco mint mark (s) . This replica coin depicts a Curvy Latina Woman having just fired a smoking hot six shooter. On the back is the familiar Morgan Eagle clasping arrows and olive branch. Because the US Mint produced huge amounts of the Morgan Dollar, they were very popular for the Artists to alter the coin’s image.
  • This style of Americana Folk Art was made by people who were not trained in a formal fine art tradition. They didn’t study in art academies or learn from trained artists. This form of art was particularly popular among hobos because of it’s low cost and portability, and the U.S. coins were favored because of their thickness and relative softness.
  • Each coin is stamped by machine and then hand finished to age and wear the coin to it’s lovely patina. Because of the hand finishing process, each coin is slightly different which makes it unique and special to you.
  • READY TO DISPLAY – Each coin is shipped in a protective plastic bag and comes with an acrylic display stand that can show off your coin on a shelf or other flat and level surface. The display stand is made of clear acrylic and sits about 1.65″ tall.


4 in stock

This Medallion depicts a curvy senorita gunslinger with Viva Mi Raza written on her sombrero.

HIGH QUALITY MEDAL – This medal is large and has a diameter of 1.5″ (38mm) and is 1/8″ (3mm) thick. It’s a heavy medallion weighing .8 ounces. The medallions’s finish is highly durable and features a sculpted 3D raised depiction of a curvy female Mexican gunslinger. Smokin’ hot. This is a lasting gift and keepsake that can be passed on for generations as a family heirloom.

INCLUDES STAND & PROTECTIVE CASE – Each medallion comes with an acrylic display stand and an is encapsulated in an air tight, archive safe, acrylic display capsule to keep your medallion in pristine condition.

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