Aztec Calendar Art Coin Replica Morgan Silver Dollar New Orleans Mint Mark 1.5″ (38mm) Collectible with Display Stand Active


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  • Coin is 1.50″ Diameter and 3/32″ Thickness (About Two Quarters Thick) and Weighs .9 Ounces (27 Grams). On the rear is an American Eagle clutching an olive branch and three arrows. The front side features the classical Aztec Calendar.
  • REPLICA ART – This coin is replica and artistic interpretation of the art form known as the Hobo Nickel. In the late 1800’s and Early 1900’s, hobos would alter the design of Buffalo Nickels to pass the time. This is a piece of Americana History.
  • The Aztecs of ancient Mexico measured time with a sophisticated and interconnected triple calendar system which adhered to movements of the celestial bodies, provided a comprehensive list of important religious festivals and sacred dates, and gave each day a unique combination of a name and a number.
  • UNIQUE TO YOU – Each coin is stamped by machine and then hand finished to age and wear the coin to it’s lovely patina. Because of the hand finishing process, each coin is slightly different which makes it unique and special to you.
  • READY TO DISPLAY – Each coin is shipped in a protective plastic bag and comes with an acrylic display stand that can show off your coin on a shelf or other flat and level surface. The display stand is made of clear acrylic and sits about 1.65″ tall.


2 in stock

This style of Americana Folk Art was made by people who were not trained in a formal fine art tradition. They didn’t study in art academies or learn from trained artists. This form of art was particularly popular among hobos because of it’s low cost and portability, and the U.S. coins were favored because of their thickness and relative softness.

Your coin will arrive in a plastic bag for protection when storing. Each coin has a clear acrylic capsule that is air tight and fitted to the coin. Also included is the 1.65″ inch display stand. After the state of the art manufacturing process, the quality is assured by magnified visual inspections on each and every coin insuring your get a good looking coin. Our quality control is your peace of mind.

Buy With Confidence with our no hassle, no questions asked warranty. We guarantee a flawless coin. If you received a coin or stand damaged in transport, we will immediately refund or ship out a new coin or stand at no cost to you. If something goes wrong, we will make it right.

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