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About Us

Fahmah Jackson started as the true American startup. The Dad, Tim Jackson, was visited by his son, Kevin, in the early summer of 2014. Kevin was visiting back east from College in California. When Kevin told his dad the paper he wrote on eCommerce, Dad just knew it was a winner. Kevin outlined the basic tools, and shopping platforms that were available. The Dad, began trying out some of the techniques that his son showed him.  Starting out in the living room or their Manchester, New Hampshire home, Tim and Paula Jackson got to work in August of 2014.  What started out as an experiment in selling commonly available food items, turned in to a thriving business that continues to grow, everyday.  It all started as a desk in the corner of the Living room. After several weeks of working out of the corner, the stock and supplies started to take over the couch, the tables and eventually all the floor space. Mrs. Jackson was not having this in her house. It was off to the basement with Tim to setup the business in a bigger, better space. Or so he thought. As is customary in the evolution of a grass roots startup, it soon became a problem to move around the basement of the house.  Boxes were starting to be placed on the dryer and soon this experiment would need the garage to expand.  A walkout basement to the garage and out to the driveway was actually an improvement.  It was there that the business started to get into a routine.  This worked great, for a while.  The business was starting to ship products out, everyday.  This would mean, loading up the car, or waiting for UPS to drive up. One day Mrs. Jackson came home to find boxes perched on her 1 year old Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Now, anyone who has owned a Harley Davidson Motorcycle would know that treating seat and tank as a packing table is not acceptable. So once again, Paula told Tim to go get a real place to do business. So off to the industrial parks we went. Finding a perfect spot, only a mile from the house, was a great find.  After a while, the business was running out of room.  Just when the business was really starting to take off, it was time to find a warehouse.  My wife Paula was not too pleased when she came home one day, and found boxes on the Harleys.  Being that the boxes were actually on her personal Harley, this was a new problem.  Once the again the business, had to scramble to find a new home.  A Harley Davidson Motorcycle is not a good work surface for running a shipping and receiving department was not cool.  So in the middle of a very snowy winter, Tim found a warehouse to rent only a mile away.  The business moved, peace was restored to the home, and the Harleys no longer had to suffer the indignity of playing work surface to online, grocery store.  The company was officially born, with its own space a lot of work to do.

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